v0.3 going to Alpha

Android platform users will have the following fixes and enhancements available in v0.3 momentarily. Apple users will have to wait until Apple approves…

1. “Register” link no longer mangled on iOS
2. Search tab provides results from very first key stroke
3. Licensed graphics included instead of “free” versions
4. Button added to exit the Amazon shopping experience on Android
5. Can now remove items from “My Causes”
6. All network operations now include progress spinners
7. Removed several references to booking conference rooms
8. Internal security and performance improvements
9. Refactored the entire login and registration process to be easier to understand
10. Fixed issues with retrieving Amazon ASIN id’s (some ethical conflicts weren’t spotted: ex – Neutrogena and Animal Rights)
11. Removed search bar from Add Causes
12. Automatic re-login up application restart
13. Ability to instantly Tweet your displeasure with unethical sellers