Release Candidate 1

If all goes according to plan, we are now less than 2 weeks out from our first public release.

On that note, this evening we are releasing Release Candidate 1 to our test community!

This Release Candidate features a brand new shopping interface. We took onboard the feedback from our testers that they wanted to see more analysis as a part of their shopping experience, so the new interface gives results for 10 products at a time – letting you see which of them match your ethics and which don’t. Early feedback is that this is a much more productive way for people to shop ethically. We hope you will enjoy it!

In addition to this, the release candidate features the following improvements:

1) References for every finding — sites you can hit on the Internet to substantiate our reports
2) A “tutorial” upon first installation, to make sure you know how to use the app
3) Your causes are now cached locally, for greatly improved performance