Open Ethics API Launch

As of this morning, Shoulder Angel is pleased to announce the launch of our public Ethics API.

What is the Ethics API?

Our #1 most frequent customer request for 2017 was a way for individuals to contribute to our database of institutional ethics. For individuals, this functionality is now exposed via the “Suggest” screen in our app.

Shoulder Angel Suggest Screen using Ethics API

For automated systems, we have decided to expose an Ethics API, which is a simplified version of the API upon which the mobile UI is built.

How does it work?

This simple Ethics API simply expects a JSON object POSTed to it containing details about the report you wish to make. That object needs to contain the following properties…

Company — the name of the company being reported
Cause — the name of the Cause (see our app UI for options)
Side — “Support” or “Resist”, depending on the company’s relation to this cause
Action — specifics around what they’re doing that shows their Support or Resistance
URL — the URL of a media report/Tweet/etc. documenting their actions
Contact — email address or Twitter handle for contact when report is actioned

See below for an example of a fictional report.

"company": "Acme, Inc.",
"side": "Support",
"cause": "Hiring Ex-Felons",
"action": "Hiring as fry cooks",
"url": "",
"contact": "@bobby"

As of the time of writing, options for the cause attribute are:

    Animal Rights
    Reproductive Rights
    Boycott Trump
    Ban Conflict Palm Oil
    Boycott Harvey Weinstein
    Made in the USA
    Citizenship for Dreamers
    Heterosexual-Only Marriage
    Hiring Ex-Felons
    Transacting in Iran
    Privacy Rights
    Protect the Arctic
    Gun Ownership
    Keystone Pipeline

What next?

We look forward to seeing the many creative ways in which the community may apply the Ethics API. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions! In the meantime, we will be updating our FAQ to cover topics we think might be confusing or of additional interest to the developer community.

For basic information about invoking REST API’s, please consult the numerous free online resources on this topic.

Are there other aspects of the Shoulder Angel ethical shopping application that you would like to see exposed as an API? Please leave feedback for us here to let us know what else you’d like to see!